Fat grafting and the FDAWill the FDA's final regulations impose limits on the use of autologous fat grafting in cosmetic surgery?
A recent history of the American derriere
A recent history of the American derriereFrom the pages of playboy to “male pattern buttocks,” this is a snapshot of where we’ve been —and where the big business of butts is going.
Post breast augmentation sensory changesRecent research systematically measures breast sensory changes, but not all doctors agree on the technicalities.
Labiaplasty: The criticsSome say they “Wouldn’t touch it if my life depended on it.” Where do you stand?
Fat grafting: The missing linkPlastic surgeon Timothy Marten, M.D., explains the artistic power of fat grafting in facial rejuvenation.
Dermatologists pioneer top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures
Dermatologists pioneer top nonsurgical cosmetic proceduresDermatologists have had a hand in the research, development and shaping of the majority of non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures, according to a recent study. In fact, dermatology ranked higher than many other specialties and should use this to highlight their expertise.