The hyoid suspension neck liftCould securing the platysma to the peri-hyoid cervical fascia improve the longevity of your neck lifting results?
Addressing the upper arm wobbleThe demand for a batwing solution continues to rise, but is brachioplasty the only (or best) way?
Matching implant to breastCould selecting the perfect implant size be based on breast tissue measurements?
Achieving the lower eyelid ideal
Achieving the lower eyelid idealOne surgeon shares nuances of a combination treatment to rejuvenate the lower lid-cheek junction.
Botox and the breastCan Botox be used to treat capsular contracture?
Rethinking complete platysma transectionResearch suggests this aggressive approach comes up short on long-term results. Two experts offer alternative approaches.
Body hair transplants for baldnessIt’s a viable option, according to experts, but the use of body hair to treat baldness requires careful patient selection and strategic technique.
Drain-free abdominoplastyResearchers ask: Could drains become a thing of the past for tummy tuck patients?
FDA approves new Natrelle gel implantThe latest to join Allergan’s Natrelle family, the INSPIRA Cohesive breast implant is designed to increase upper breast fullness and to hold its shape.
At the corner of obesity & body contouringCosmetic procedures can improve how patients feel about themselves, but where do you draw the line when it comes to obesity?


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