Cost-effective correction of mid-face volume lossResearchers examine the practical application of a significantly lower dose of HA for midface volume correction compared with that used in pivotal trials.
Measuring nonsurgical fat reductionResearchers offer a reproducible solution to quantify nonsurgical fat reduction results.
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinA
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinAA recently published stepwise approach to treating wrinkles provides a template for achieving safe, effective results with FDA-approved neurotoxins.
No-touch lip enhancement
No-touch lip enhancementAvoiding needle injection directly into the mucosa decreases swelling and bruising both during and after the procedure.
Next-gen RF combo treatmentA study using a combination bipolar RF+IR and fractionated RF protocol shows significant improvement in skin quality and delivers high marks in patient satisfaction.
Laser treatment for permanent filler complicationsResearchers offer a novel approach and treatment algorithm for removing permanent fillers.
Botox gone rogueA new study confirms that Botox spreads beyond the injection site. Should you be concerned?
7 Additional uses for BotoxBotox is best known for treating wrinkles, but international researchers show that it also helps with these 7 conditions. Can you name them all?
Rested and wrinkled? Oh, the ironyAll the Botox in the world can’t help your patients with sleep wrinkles. Here’s what can.
Nonsurgical rhinoplasty of the Asian noseIs Voluma a safe and effective nonsurgical alternative to rhinoplasty in the Asian patient? Researchers report.


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