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Australian women risk 'secret' cosmetic surgery

Canberra, Australia — A new study says many women put themselves at risk because they undergo cosmetic surgery without telling family or friends, Australia’s ABC News reports.

Rhian Parker, a health sociologist at Australian National University here, reviewed a wide range of information about nose jobs, breast implants and facelifts, and interviewed 32 women who had undergone cosmetic surgery and 19 physicians who perform the surgeries.

She concluded that despite a rapid rise in cosmetic surgery, patients have little information about the procedures. Ms. Parker says many women don’t tell friends and family about cosmetic procedures, and are uninformed themselves.

ABC News quotes her as saying, “They might have looked at the Web or other sources, but there isn’t any comprehensive information out there which shows exactly what all of the risks of cosmetic procedures are.”

Ms. Parker urges more accountability and public scrutiny in the field, and says women contemplating cosmetic surgery should interview at least three specialists before having a procedure, ABC News reports.

Paris — Health authorities in France have ordered a French-manufactured breast implant off the market after discovering the manufacturer misreported the type of silicone used to make it, the Associated Press reports.

Garden Grove, Calif. — The recession is having an effect on the number of cosmetic procedures done — but not much of one, HealthDay News reports.

New York — Results of a new study suggest that injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic, biodegradable polymer device, is more effective in correcting nasolabial fold wrinkles than collagen, HealthDay News reports.