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Fat grafting: Maximize aesthetic outcomes with time-tested guidelines

Women seek vaginal tightening surgery for a variety of reasons, some legitimate and others not. Preoperative screening is necessary to identify women with appropriate motivations and those who would benefit from referral to address sexual and body image disorders and dysfunction.

Cardiovascular disease and the medications that patients may need to take for this condition can sometimes negatively impact aesthetic outcomes in cosmetic surgery. Therefore, surgeons should know how to best avoid cosmetic complications in order to maximize aesthetic outcomes.

Patients undergoing hair restoration surgery must be counseled about a number of possible complications. Understanding the causes can facilitate the creation of strategies to minimize risk.

One expert details the history of breast augmentation, as well as where the procedure is headed in the near future.

Recent deaths related to buttocks augmentation gone awry call not only for consumer but also clinician education about how to safely and successfully perform this procedure.