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Faces ‘feel’ happier with Botox
Faces ‘feel’ happier with Botox
New research confirms that smoothing away frown lines can also help to beat the winter blues by eliminating the proprioception of sadness. .
Global plastic surgery market anticipates steady growth
The global plastic surgery market is expected to show steady growth over the next five years, according to a recent market research report.
Screening tool for tummy tuck patients
Classification system accurately predicts complication risk in abdominoplasty patients.
Keloid care and insurers – will they or won’t they pay?
Insurers tend to think of keloids as a cosmetic issue so they have a wide range of standards covering reimbursement for care and treatments. Practitioners must fully document the medical necessity of the care they provide and then code the conditions and treatments correctly to maximize their chance for reimbursement.
How long does edema after rhinoplasty really last?
Researchers share a timeline based on 3D images for post-op nasal edema after rhinoplasty.
Breast implants and breastfeeding
Finally, an answer to the question: Do breast implants affect a mother’s ability to breastfeed?
Laser and injectable options for treatment of keloids
Laser treatments, non-steroid injectables, and topical applications of imiquimod cream are proving to be effective in the treatment of keloids and excessive scarring. In many cases, recurrence rates have dropped to 20% and lower from former highs of 70% or more.
Give your web content a lift
Research on neck lifts demonstrates how website content can set your practice apart from the masses.
Keloid disorder: a clinical management update
For decades, a lack of scientific data and evidence-based medicine have resulted in essentially no changes in the treatment of keloid disorder. New studies confirm that cryotherapy and intralesional injections of vincristine can be effective treatments for different types of keloids.
Rapamycin may slow aging
Used as a transplant rejection inhibitor, therapy for renal cell carcinoma and as a stent coating, the rapamycin compound may also increase lifespan.