Bob Kronemyer
Give your web content a lift
Research on neck lifts demonstrates how website content can set your practice apart from the masses.
Keloid disorder: a clinical management update
For decades, a lack of scientific data and evidence-based medicine have resulted in essentially no changes in the treatment of keloid disorder. New studies confirm that cryotherapy and intralesional injections of vincristine can be effective treatments for different types of keloids.
Rapamycin may slow aging
Used as a transplant rejection inhibitor, therapy for renal cell carcinoma and as a stent coating, the rapamycin compound may also increase lifespan.
Galderma launches two new dermal fillers
Galderma receives FDA approval for Restylane Refyne and Defyne, two next-generation HA fillers.
The digital skin health revolution
Mobile app for acne opens the door for use with skin aging and other aesthetic skin conditions.
Profound for the treatment of cellulite in 2017
Syneron's Profound is the latest device to receive FDA clearance for minimally invasive, fractional RF microneedling treatment for cellulite.
The circles of prominence — revisited
The circles of prominence — revisited
Recent research examines iris width as the “perfect” aesthetic distance for five facial variables.
First-ever U.S. psoriasis treatment goals
The National Psoriasis Foundation has recently published psoriasis treatment goals, which will help physicians and patients discuss treatment options and set expectations for outcomes.
Matching implant to breast
Could selecting the perfect implant size be based on breast tissue measurements?
Advances in pediatric inflammatory skin disease
Exciting research is likely to change treatment for children. Dr. Eichenfield discusses advancements in treating this population.


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