Bob Kronemyer
Mastering the medspa
Two NPs share how they use specialization and service to stand out in a sea of medspas
Fat grafting for the breast
From HydraSolve to aliquots, experts discuss their fat transfer tips and techniques for safe and effective breast surgery outcomes.
SkinGun technology repairs skin
Stem cell-infused mist with SkinGun technology offers an alternative treatment to skin burns, wounds, pigmentation disorders and scars.
FDA approves new Natrelle gel implant
The latest to join Allergan’s Natrelle family, the INSPIRA Cohesive breast implant is designed to increase upper breast fullness and to hold its shape.
RealSelf launches business pages
Now you can showcase a 360-degree picture of your practice, including the staff who administer nonsurgical treatments.
Acknowledge your aesthetician
They work tirelessly to improve patient skin. Celebrate your aesthetician’s contributions this month on National Aesthetician Day.
All men not created equal
One surgeon shares his strategy for significantly boosting his male patient base.
Microskin debuts iPhone apps for ‘second skin’ products
New iPhone app matches skin with “second skin” products to conceal vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, eczema, lupus, keloid scarring, tattoos and other skin-related conditions.
AC5 Topical Hemostatic Device achieves study endpoints
Researchers predict AC5 technology could improve patient bruising and scar formation as well as promote normal healing, including in patients with underlying diseases.
Laser treatment for permanent filler complications
Researchers offer a novel approach and treatment algorithm for removing permanent fillers.


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