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Rested and wrinkled? Oh, the irony
All the Botox in the world can’t help your patients with sleep wrinkles. Here’s what can.
Nonsurgical rhinoplasty of the Asian nose
Is Voluma a safe and effective nonsurgical alternative to rhinoplasty in the Asian patient? Researchers report.
Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?
Resent research quantifies the incidence of hypertrophic scaring in laser tattoo removal patients.
Sculptra: Beyond the face
Aesthetic physicians share their experiences using injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to reshape and sculpt various body parts.
Lasers for hair removal
Is the laser hair removal technology you have good enough… or is it time to upgrade?
TTrials: T therapy improves sexual desire, activity
A men’s health expert explains implications of new data and how he will counsel patients.
Post breast augmentation sensory changes
Recent research systematically measures breast sensory changes, but not all doctors agree on the technicalities.
Midlife PSA levels strongly portend future deadly PCa
“It appears that baseline PSA is a lot more predictive than either family history or race alone and should be used to risk stratify screening,” the co-lead author of a recent study tells Urology Times.
Hypofractionated vs. conventional RT: How outcomes, safety compare
A recent study comparing 8 weeks of conventional radiation therapy with hypofractionated RT over 4 weeks appears to have practice-changing implications for men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer.


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