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What influences opting out of active surveillance?
A recent study suggests that a man’s race/ethnicity might influence decisions about undergoing treatment and re-biopsies.
Early-stage PCa incidence drops post-USPSTF
The authors of a recent research letter reported a 6% drop in incidence rates for early-stage prostate cancer in men 50 years of age and older from 2012 to 2013.
Beyond burnout: How to stay engaged and thriving
Beyond burnout: How to stay engaged and thriving
Here are simple, often inexpensive ways in which urologists can reclaim their engagement and passion for practicing medicine.
Botox gone rogue
A new study confirms that Botox spreads beyond the injection site. Should you be concerned?
Kaolin and eyelid surgery
Is using kaolin-impregnated gauze post-bleph worth the extra time and cost?
The Google Glass comeback
The initial launch was deemed a bust, but will Google Glass 2 secure a place in the operating room?
Examining low-level laser therapy
Study shows significant reductions in upper abdomen circumference with the EZ6 device.
Brachioplasty complications lower than expected
A new study suggests brachioplasty complication rates are lower than previously reported.
FDA clears UltraShape Power for abdominal fat reduction
Syneron Medical announced in mid-July FDA clearance of its noninvasive UltraShape Power device for fat reduction around the abdomen.
Top 5 practice management Q&As
Should you charge a consult fee? How can you decrease your no-show rate? Get these answers and more!