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Next-gen RF combo treatment
A study using a combination bipolar RF+IR and fractionated RF protocol shows significant improvement in skin quality and delivers high marks in patient satisfaction.
The ideal minimally invasive mix
Meet the J-PlaZty — a combination of what one doctor calls the right techniques for near surgical results with minimally invasive treatments.
Syringe liposuction
One surgeon offers his approach to a simplified liposuction technique that removes small pockets of fat in a FLASH.
Breast implants uncovered
What should you be looking for in breast implant technology — and why?
What’s the best site for fat harvesting?
A recent study compares lipoaspirate properties of fat in the abdomen, inner thigh and knee.
Tips for optimal scar healing
One surgeon offers his tips for optimal scar healing.
Scar wars: Perception vs reality
New research demonstrates patient “preference” for linear vs zigzag scars. Surgeons say it’s flawed and offer advice on which wins and when.
5 Dos and don'ts for patient seminars
Follow these tips for your next patient seminar to reap tenfold the investment in revenue.
Marketing calendar: Countdown to 2017
The holiday season can be rich with revenue opportunity, but only if you have a plan — and if it starts now.
Burnout: AMA offers free help for physicians
The American Medical Association's STEPS Forward program offers bite-sized, simple, and affordable solutions to fix office or practice systems of operations.