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Measuring nonsurgical fat reduction
Researchers offer a reproducible solution to quantify nonsurgical fat reduction results.
No-touch lip enhancement
No-touch lip enhancement
Avoiding needle injection directly into the mucosa decreases swelling and bruising both during and after the procedure.
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinA
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinA
A recently published stepwise approach to treating wrinkles provides a template for achieving safe, effective results with FDA-approved neurotoxins.
Prostate Ca surveillance study has global implications
A new study revealing 91% of very low-risk and 74% of low-risk prostate cancer patients in Sweden choose active surveillance should be a benchmark for the use of the management strategy in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, the study’s authors say.
Quick tip: Intraoperative video how-to
You want to take intraoperative video, but it’s complicated. Here’s a quick, easy and inexpensive approach.
Drain-free abdominoplasty
Researchers ask: Could drains become a thing of the past for tummy tuck patients?
At the corner of obesity & body contouring
Cosmetic procedures can improve how patients feel about themselves, but where do you draw the line when it comes to obesity?
Hypogonadism: Expert panel adopts nine resolutions
A panel of experts, including several urologists, has approved nine resolutions on what they say is evidence-based clarity on male hypogonadism and how to manage it.
How do your prices compare?
How do your prices compare?
Health Pricing Assistant offers real-time U.S., regional state and local cost averages for comparable cosmetic surgery procedures.
Next-gen RF combo treatment
A study using a combination bipolar RF+IR and fractionated RF protocol shows significant improvement in skin quality and delivers high marks in patient satisfaction.


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