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Cultural variations of the butt lift
Dr. Walter Tom advises considering varying cultural preferences for buttock shapes when planning butt enhancement procedures.
When liposuction patients gain weight
According to Dr. Neil Goodman, an increase in body weight after liposuction profoundly changes the procedure’s outcome... in predictable ways. He offers three tips for achieving the post treatment ideal.
mpMRI could reduce biopsies, improve diagnosis
Using multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging to triage men with high serum PSA could save about one-fourth of patients from having transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy, according to a recent study.
Adding hormone therapy to salvage RT found efficacious
The addition of hormonal therapy in post-RP is “practice changing,” study author says.
A scribe’s view: ‘Committed to delivering efficient care’
Ashley Li, BS, chief scribe in the University of California, San Francisco’s urologic oncology and melanoma departments, says urology scribes help streamline patient care.
Scribes slash EMR burden
Scribes slash EMR burden
Urologists who view electronic medical record documentation as a burden are turning to scribes. Scribes, many say, relieve them of that burden, freeing urologists and other providers to focus on patient care.
Photos? Pricing? Years in practice?
What do patients value most when searching for the right cosmetic surgeon?
Battle of the brands
RealSelf dips into its data to reveal which minimally invasive aesthetic products and technologies have captured consumer interest... and which are going to create competition in 2017.
Addressing the upper arm wobble
The demand for a batwing solution continues to rise, but is brachioplasty the only (or best) way?
The hyoid suspension neck lift
Could securing the platysma to the peri-hyoid cervical fascia improve the longevity of your neck lifting results?


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