Researchers offer advice on how to council e-cigarette users prior to surgery.
Fact: online reviews have become nearly as valuable to patients as a personal recommendation. Here’s how to effectively manage yours.
Recent research examines iris width as the “perfect” aesthetic distance for five facial variables.
One surgeon shares nuances of a combination treatment to rejuvenate the lower lid-cheek junction.
A recently published stepwise approach to treating wrinkles provides a template for achieving safe, effective results with FDA-approved neurotoxins.
Avoiding needle injection directly into the mucosa decreases swelling and bruising both during and after the procedure.
Health Pricing Assistant offers real-time U.S., regional state and local cost averages for comparable cosmetic surgery procedures.
Only one-third of plastic surgeons report job satisfaction. Learn how you can minimize the risk of professional burnout.
Cloud access for AEs

Cloud-based software service makes adverse event data available immediately, so you don't have to wait for the FDA.

Lipo 202 for submental fat reduction
AeroForm for soft tissue expansion
Muscle dysmorphia among men
Fat grafting without centrifugation
Do you do dimples?

Dimple creation is a cheeky little cosmetic procedure that's on the rise in the U.K. Learn how they’re doing dimples.

No brow lifts for ...
Screening tool for tummy tuck patients
Breast implants and breastfeeding
Addressing the labiomental crease

According to Dr. Sheila Barbarino, filling the deep groove below the lip goes a long way in the overall result for facial ...

Adding new non-surgical devices to ...
Wrinkles and acne: What device works ...
Galderma launches two new dermal fillers
Fat grafting without centrifugation

New single-unit harvesting and processing system demonstrates faster operating time for large-volume fat transfer.

Addressing the labiomental crease
The Microdroplet Lift
Wrinkles and acne: What device works ...

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