Busts created by 3D printers create a virtual patient experience... and possibly higher surgical conversion rates.
To what degree do a plastic surgeon’s sex, age and geographic background affect perceptions of an “attractive” breast?
Fat grafting may be one way to generate improved facelift results, but just how many plastic surgeons combine the two?
How well do cosmetic interventions work for your patients? This new technology has the capability to measure before and after for actual results.

New technology: Artoura breast ...

Artoura’s built-in features help surgeons create predictable and desirable contours, while preventing unwanted ...

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One plastic surgeon proposes a reproducible method for evaluating wrinkles and making a direct before- and after-Botox ...

Lip service: Optimizing outcomes
Aesthetic confessions: What a girl wants
Patients give facial filler high ratings

Cellfina 101: Everything you need to ...

Cellfina is FDA-cleared, but does it work? Dr. Grant Stevens shares his experience with Cellfina — and other cellulite ...

Do you fat graft during facelifting?
Combination treatment: better ...
Post-bleph prominent eye correction

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