From the male psyche to surgical incision placement, Dr. Joe Niamtu, III, helps you get to know your potential male patients.
Industry expert Ed Syring offers 4 tips for ensuring you hire right every time.
What’s your state’s wrinkle risk (and why should you care)?
Too much cosmetic surgery can backfire. This theory says less really is more — if you know where to put it.
Busts created by 3D printers create a virtual patient experience... and possibly higher surgical conversion rates.
To what degree do a plastic surgeon’s sex, age and geographic background affect perceptions of an “attractive” breast?
Fat grafting may be one way to generate improved facelift results, but just how many plastic surgeons combine the two?
How well do cosmetic interventions work for your patients? This new technology has the capability to measure before and after for actual results.

The evolving facelift

When did a facelift become more than surgery? Dr. Renato Saltz discusses the evolution of the modern facelift.

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Botox + Dysport: Better together?

One doctor says using a combination of Botox and Dysport creates a better result than using either one alone.

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The art of cosmetic consultation

Your cosmetic consultant should fit your practice, represent your ideals, understand the industry and procedures, and ...

How to get selected for clinical research
Performing clinical research
Downsizing: making your website mobile-ready

Cosmetic Considerations


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